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James Felton


As the Founder and Manager of Poets Corner, James Felton has clung to poetry like it was his security blanket. He doesn’t write poetry, but he has been a poetry ‘apostle’ since the early eighties. He majored in English and completed his undergraduate thesis on the Canadian poet, P.K. Page. He is currently amassing an annotated and illustrated bibliography of West Coast poet, Susan Musgrave. James has been a book collector and now bookseller, specializing in Canadian literature first editions.



Franci Louann

Co-founder of Poetic Justice (Poets Corner’s predecessor), Franci Louann has had poetry published since the 70s. She was first anthologized in Dorothy Livesay’s iconic Woman’s Eye: 12 B.C. Poets (Air: 1974). Lipstick Press published her Beach Cardiology in 2010. Franci is the recipient of poetry prizes from Pandora’s Collective, the Burnaby Writers’ Society, and the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. An accomplished poet, Franci has also been honoured for her volunteer work by several writing groups.


Linda Holmes


Linda Holmes is an arts fanatic — whether performing, visual or literary. A retired teacher and research assistant, she is a lover of the Beat Poets. This has led to her writing and performing her own poetry. These days, however, she is garnering even more attention and interest through her multimedia visual art work on canvas and papier maché. She has been the friendly face of the Poetic Justice (Poets Corner’s predecessor) Open Mic segment at our past readings.