FINISHED! LitFest NewWest and Poetic Justice’s Best!

LitFest NewWest: Remember These Dates ~ Fri May 13 – Thu May 19

Well, if you weren’t there at last Sunday’s PJ reading with Juliane Okot Bitek and Timothy Shay, tears — real tears — flowed.  We won’t say who, but a quirky little children’s rhyme brought on the waterworks. 🙂   It has been over 50 years since PJ Co-Manager James Felton last heard Inky Pinky Ponky uttered in his native South Africa.

Both our featured readers delivered some absolutely awesome readings.  Whether you hail from East Africa or the West Kootenays, Juliane and Timothy showed just how versatile,  and yet inclusive, poetry — good poetry — can be.

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Our annual LitFest NewWest event is nearly here

I hope you’re getting ready for LitFest NewWest, because we are! Next month’s Poetic Justice reading is going to happen on Day Three of New Westminster’s annual literary festival. And we have THREE fabulous poets. Jane Byers is coming in from Nelson to join us. Kevin Spenst, who gave us all a scare recently, says he’s well enough to participate. And Betsy Warland is going to round out the trio. Their bio’s will be up here on the site soon.

And if you’re getting anxious as to whether we’ll have an Open Mic that day, rest assured we will.  How can we not include you in LitFest?!

In the meantime, if you want to ensure you are guaranteed to get into this special event, you will need a ticket. This is a one-time process at Poetic Justice.  Because of the popularity of LitFest, and because our venue can only allow 40 maximum, we have no choice but to create this reservation system. It’s the only fair way to give everyone an equal opportunity to attend.

The tickets are free, but you must, must, must order your ticket through Eventbrite. This is the only way you’ll be able to get in for LitFest at Poetic Justice , so please do it quickly.

Get your ticket here

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