Poets Corner is a friendly and welcoming reading series where both emerging and established poets can showcase their work. It is also the perfect forum for fans who unabashedly love poetry.

Speaking into a microphone in front of a live audience can be unnerving for some — even for seasoned writers. But our forum is a safe and supportive place where only a handful of poets have been pelted with tomatoes. 🙂

Seriously though, all we want to do is foster an appreciation for talented poets while helping to raise the profile of poetry. Our gatherings are convivial, and our support for anyone who braves the microphone is unconditional.

If you’re new to Poets Corner, you’ll be given an absurdly warm welcome. And we promise we won’t throw tomatoes!

Our Name

In a quiet enclave of London’s Westminster Abbey there is a special spot that honours some of the world’s greatest writers.  It is fondly called Poets’ Corner. Many famous poets, playwrights and

Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey, London

novelists are commemorated here. But they’re all dead. We decided to use the name Poets Corner for our reading series — a series that celebrates gifted poets who are still very much alive (and yes, we deliberately omitted the apostrophe).  🙂

Our History

Back in 2010, a poetry reading series called Poetic Justice was founded in New Westminster by Franci Louann and Candice James.  Over the years, it hosted over 550 poets!  Ms. Louann almost single-handedly ran the series until 2015 when she invited James Felton to be the new Manager.  She remains actively involved with the series, even as it sets sail to new destinations.

In late 2017, the series underwent a name change and relocated to downtown Vancouver.  Poetic Justice morphed into Poets Corner. Mr. Felton has pointed the series in a new direction while still remaining faithful to talented writers who produce exceptional poetry.  Poets are invited primarily from the Greater Vancouver area but on occasion out-of-town and out-of-province writers are invited too.

Our Frequency

 We’re a monthly reading series that takes place on the third Wednesday evening of each month.  Events are usually two hours, starting at 7:00 p.m.  Occasionally we will host a special reading that will take place outside this schedule.

Our Funding

Poets Corner is a labour of love. So far, we have not received funding for the series, but we  will continue to apply for grants until we succeed. Our events are free to the public, but please do

consider a donation of $5 when you attend. Your contribution helps to provide an honorarium that we then share with the featured poets.

Our Format

We host three different formats for our readings:
–  book launches
–  themed readings
–  regular format readings

Book launches are obvious.  With these, Poets Corner becomes the launching pad for a newly published volume by one of our invited poets.

Themed readings, however, are quite different.  With these, we present readings from several poets who centre on a particular theme or subject. Here are some of our upcoming themed readings:
–  Emerging Indigenous Poets,
–  Ekphrastic Poems (poems inspired by a work of art),
–  Asian Heritage Poetry,
–  Video Poems,
–  and more.

Our third type of reading is our regular format reading. When we were Poetic Justice, this format solidified our reputation as a favourite reading series. Here, two (sometimes three) poets are invited to deliver readings from their published works. With this format, we also include an Open Mic segment where audience members can deliver one of their favourite poems.

Published works by our guest poets are usually made available for purchase through the bookshop. So come out and support poets and poetry!