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Henry Doyle, One Minute Poem poet, wins a Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize 2020

Poet Henry Doyle, pictured here with his trusty notebook in pocket, is constantly scribbling: ‘Writing is my pressure valve.’ Photo by Christopher Cheung. The Tyee. https://thetyee.ca/Culture/2020/09/11/Downtown-Eastside-Heartbeat-Here/

We are delighted to announce that Henry Doyle, whose poem, “Ghost in the Closet,” was our

featured One Minute Poem for Friday, 4 September, 2020, has been awarded a Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize for his chapbook, Killing Me the Rest of the Way. (Available at Massy Books, Vancouver). You can read more about Henry’s poetry in this article in The Tyee. He’ll be reading from his poetry, along with other award winners, tomorrow night (Tuesday 15th September) via a Zoom online event. Register here.