FINISHED! Next Poetry Reading is Wednesday September 19

Before sharing about this month’s fabulous reading, this is a reminder we are taking a summer break, so there will not be a reading in August.

Photo of Heather Spears who read at Poets Corner in July, 2018

Simply put, July’s reading was mesmerizing. One poet held us captive for the entire time we were together. After a lengthy absence from Vancouver (after all, she lives in Denmark!), Heather Spears charmed, joked and left us reeling with emotional upheaval. This is someone who will always have a reserved spot at the mic every time she’s in town.

There Won’t Be a Poetry Reading in August

With our recent hot weather, it’s the perfect reminder that some of us may be lying in a hammock somewhere, slowly sipping a refreshing Moscow Mule, instead of our usual monthly gathering at Massy Books.  Please don’t show up on the third Wednesday of August as Poets Corner won’t be there.

We will reconvene on the third Wednesday of September — that’s Wednesday September 19 at 7:30pm.

We’re holding back for now on who will be reading in September. But hone a good poem or two of your own, as there will be an Open Mic segment at this reading.

Enjoy the summer!