Poets Corner Reading Series

FINISHED! Next Poetry Reading on Wednesday May 15

The summer weather has arrived but what happened to spring?! In any event, we’re grateful, given what’s still happening with the flooding in Eastern Canada.

Last month’s reading was another huge success. Chelsea Comeau and Daniel G. Scott shared the stage and both delivered exceptionally poignant readings.

Our Next Poetry Reading

cover of Apostrophes VIII ~ Nothing Is But You and IWhat a special reading this is going to be!  E.D. Blodgett passed away late last year. He never did see a copy of Apostrophes VIII ~  Nothing Is But You and I (University of Alberta Press, 2019) in published form. So we’re going to do the next best thing.

Nine readers will be sharing their favourite poems from this exceptional volume. Among them will be poets and fans who knew Ted or who are great admirers of his work. We will be hearing from Daniela Elza, James Felton, Heidi Greco, Lee Johnson, Ted Lederer, Christopher Levenson, Susan McCaslin, David Pimm, and Onjana Yawnghwe. And you are going to hear poems that will absolutely knock your poetic socks off.

This is going to be one of our most unusual, most memorable readings, so do everything you can to be there. Because of this departure from our usual format, we will not have our regular Open Mic segment on Wednesday. Open Mic returns with our reading in June. But for May’s reading, please be on time as we’ll get under way at 7pm sharp on Wednesday May 15.