Poets Corner Reading Series

FINISHED! Next Poetry Reading on Wednesday October 16

If you weren’t there, you missed something special. And if you were (and we had a near-full house), everyone left knowing they had just experienced one of the best poetry readings Vancouver has held in a long time.

Marilyn Bowering and Eve Joseph wowed the audience with over-the-top

collage showing marilyn bowering and eve joseph reading at poets corner on Sep 18readings. The Q & A session that followed was just as insightful and captivating as the readings themselves.

Our Next Poetry Reading

October’s reading features none other than you. That’s right; you could be the star of the show with a recently crafted ekphrastic poem. Surprisingly, there are still some who aren’t familiar with this word. An ekphrastic poem is simply one that’s been inspired by a work of art.

Photographic artist Deborah DeJong with her inaugural solo exhibition in Massy Books' Art GalleryThe inspiration for your ekphrastic poem has been created by none other than Poets Corner’s resident photographer, Deborah DeJong. Her photographic art is compelling, thought-provoking, and a compilation of some incredibly innovative techniques. For more information on how to participate in this month’s ekphrastic poem reading, click here.

This is a must-see exhibition! Deb sold several pieces the first day of the exhibition. The entire show comes down the day of our ekphrastic reading (Wed Oct 16), so if you want to participate in October’s reading, get over to Massy Books now, select the piece that speaks loudest to you, and register right away.

A few more words about Deb…

Deborah DeJong, a photographer with a daily drawing discipline, secretly writes the
occasional poem in her spare time. A one-time elementary school teacher who has
been on a long recess, she will soon be getting back to class! Attending Poets
Corner, a monthly gathering held here at Massy Books, satisfies DeJong’s artistic
urges on two levels: the poetic, and the photographic. Having had her images
featured in numerous multi-artist shows over the past several years, Cover Story is
DeJong’s first solo show.

And here’s Deb’s Artist Statement…deborah dejong's artist statement

See you on Wed October 16 at 7pm at Massy Books.  There is no Open Mic that evening since you could be the featured reader! But you need to register by the deadline if you want to be included in the lineup.