Poets Corner Reading Series


Every week we bring you a One Minute Poem by a poet with a recently published collection.

Each poem clocks in at under one minute, and we post it on our freshly minted YouTube channel. We also carry it on our social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Click on the thumbnail poster below for a link to each poet’s reading on YouTube!


       DIANE TUCKER                           P.W. BRIDGMAN

        BARBARA NICKEL                         JENNIFER ZILM                         JOANNE EPP

        IAN WILLIAMS                          NICOLA VULPE                           ARLEEN PARÉ


     LINDA K. THOMPSON                      DIANA HAYES                         SCOTT RAMSAY


       KYEREN REGEHR                       KIERAN EGAN                              KIM TRAINOR


      ADAM DICKINSON              CAROLYNE VAN DER MEER                   ASH WINTERS


      SHERI-D WILSON                      TAWAHUM BIGE                            JUDE NEALE


   SHANNON MCCONNELL               MEDRIE PURDHAM                      ANDREA ACTIS

      JENNIFER HOSEIN                          PENN KEMP                             EVELYN LAU


   ADRIENNE DROBNIES                        MIRABEL                       GEORGE ELLIOTT CLARKE


       FRANCI LOUANN                           IRFAN ALI                            CONYER CLAYTON


One Minute Poems, 2020 

The One Minute Poem series has completed its 1st year, featuring a total of 34 One Minute Poets. We began our (belated) year with Betsy Warland (whose poem, “#3,” has now had 822 views on our YouTube channel!!!) and finished just this week with Tanja Bartel’s poem “Oxygen.” Our thanks to the many poets and publishers who generously shared their poems with us.


Thank you to all of our 2020 OMP poets: Betsy Warland, Francine Cunningham, Kim Goldberg, Daniela Elza, M.W. Jaeggle, Joanna Lilley, Shirley Camia, Lauren Elle Degaine, M.C. Warrior, Kevin Spenst, Sarah Ens, Lauren Carter, Al Rempel, Emily Olsen, Murray Mann, Sarah De Leeuw, Yvonne Blomer, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Paul Pearson, Henry Doyle, Sarah Klassen, Maureen Hynes, Laurie Fuhr, Elana Wolff, Allan Briesmaster, Tyler Pennock, Jane Munro, Kate Flaherty, Su Groll, Heidi Greco, Garry Gottfriedson, Dennis Cooley, Susan Mccaslin, and Tanja Bartel.




         JOANNA LILLEY                         DANIELA ELZA                        M. W. JAEGGLE


          KIM GOLDBERG               FRANCINE CUNNINGHAM               BETSY WARLAND


         M.C. WARRIOR                        SHIRLEY CAMIA                   LAUREN ELLE DEGAINE


        LAUREN CARTER                        KEVIN SPENST                          SARAH ENS


           AL REMPEL                               EMILY OLSEN                        MURRAY MANN


      SARAH DE LEEUW                        YVONNE BLOMER                      PAUL PEARSON


         HENRY DOYLE                           SARAH KLASSEN                        MAUREEN HYNES


         LAURIE FUHR                           FIONA TINWEI LAM                         ELANA WOLFF


    ALLAN BRIESMASTER                      TYLER PENNOCK                           JANE MUNRO


KATE MARSHALL FLAHERTY                       SU CROLL                              HEIDI GRECO


  GARRY GOTTFRIEDSON                      DENNIS COOLEY                      SUSAN MCCASLIN





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