Poets Corner Reading Series


Every week we bring you a One Minute Poem by a poet with a recently published collection.

Each poem clocks in at under one minute, and we post it on our freshly minted YouTube channel. We also carry it on our social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Click on the thumbnail poster below for a link to each poet’s reading on YouTube!

         JOANNA LILLEY                         DANIELA ELZA                        M. W. JAEGGLE


          KIM GOLDBERG               FRANCINE CUNNINGHAM               BETSY WARLAND


         M.C. WARRIOR                        SHIRLEY CAMIA                   LAUREN ELLE DEGAINE


        LAUREN CARTER                        KEVIN SPENST                          SARAH ENS


           AL REMPEL                               EMILY OLSEN                        MURRAY MANN


      SARAH DE LEEUW                        YVONNE BLOMER                      PAUL PEARSON


         HENRY DOYLE                           SARAH KLASSEN                        MAUREEN HYNES


         LAURIE FUHR                           FIONA TINWEI LAM                         ELANA WOLFF


    ALLAN BRIESMASTER                      TYLER PENNOCK



We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.