Poets Corner Reading Series

Next Poetry Reading on ???

Before explaining why we can’t give you a date for our next reading, we need to acknowledge what a superb reading we had to wrap up 2019. You would think that people would be too busy to attend a reading just a week before Christmas, but it turned out to be yet another full house at Poets Corner.

photo collage of poets Jay Ruzesky and John Lent reading at Poets Corner on Wed Dec 18 2019.

Nearly 50 came to hear the talented voices of Jay Ruzesky and John Lent. And the preambles to the readings, followed by the engaging q & a sessions that followed, proved to be as riveting as the poems themselves.

Our Next Poetry Reading

As you’ve noticed above, we don’t have a date for our next reading and I’ll explain why. Our series has been running continuously for over nine years when you include our predecessor, Poetic Justice. It takes a fair amount of energy, time, and human resources to run a reading series and all of these have been running low these days.

image depicting exhaustion I have loved running this series, but other priorities are growing and demanding more of my time. Unless I find a small group of willing, caring, energized and enthusiastic people who want to continue Poets Corner’s legacy, I may have to call it a day.

I am hopeful that as you read this, you will ask yourself whether you or someone you know may be interested in helping to keep Poets Corner alive. Feel free to contact me at: james[at]poetscorner.ca